We’re Making Progress!

migraine research progressInvesting in migraine research is beginning to pay off. MRF funding has supported research that…

  • Discovered that female sufferers of migraine with aura are at increased risk of stroke in later life.
  • Revealed that opiates, which are sometimes used to treat migraine, can cause changes in the brain that last long after usage stops.
  • Established a migraine-specific DNA library and searchable electronic database for use in future research.
  • Identified five genes that are involved in the link between migraine and cardiovascular disease, particularly stroke.
  • Discovered the first genetic evidence linking glutamate and migraine.
  • Proved that calcium channel mutations contribute to migraine headaches.
  • Demonstrated that collection of DNA samples through the mail is feasible and provides usable DNA.
  • Identified a potential mechanism underlying opioid-induced medication overuse headaches, providing a novel target for drug development.
  • Discovered that nasal insulin can reduce susceptibility to cortical spreading depression, found in migraine with aura.
  • Found that brief behavioral interventions, especially cognitive behavioral therapy, may reduce headache frequency and anxiety in children.
  • Showed that prolonged frequent use of triptan medication, intended to relieve headaches, may in fact induce headaches.
  • Found that neurosteroids play an important role in predisposing the brain to develop migraine aura.
We’ve begun to see some important results, but there is still much to learn. For more information about our completed research grants, Click here.