2018 Research Grants

Announcing our 2018 Research Grants

  Our researchers are committed to discovering the causes, improving the treatments, and finding a cure for migraine. Since 2006, we’ve supported 91 researchers in 12 different countries, all working hard to help you or someone you know.
Our new grants are funding research that will:
  •  Compare Cleveland Clinic’s telemedicine pilot study with their established in-office visit program to assess whether the telemedicine  program is a viable and effective alternative to treat chronic migraine sufferers. Zubair Ahmed, MD, Grantee. This grant is generously underwritten by the Association of Migraine Disorders.
  • Looking for rare susceptibility genetic variants for migraine with aura using a large Finnish genomic database of families with migraine. Maija Wessman, PhD, and Mikko Kallela, MD, PhD, Grantees. This grant is generously underwritten by Runnin’ For Research.

We fund research that will help sufferers by advancing the understanding and treatment of migraine.