4 strong women racing to end migraine

Meet our top 2016 NYC Marathon heroes.

Martha and her family have lost two family members to migraine. The loss and pain inspired them to raise money for research. Read their story.

Kate’s history with migraine began over 20 years ago. Read about her journey from migraines to marathon.

Sandy has run 70 marathons and can’t even count the number of races she’s done with a headache. She’s finally running the NYC Marathon to help fund migraine research so that everyone can one day run headache-free.

Denise is running for sufferers who live with daily head pain. Her child has been suffering from a constant daily headache for over ten years.

These runners are using their strength and endurance to raise money for migraine research. Thanks to them, we’re racing even closer toward a cure for migraine. Whatever your skills, you can join them in opening doors to a cure by launching your own fundraiser. Or, help our runners reach their goals by donating to one of their campaigns now.

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