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The Migraine Research Foundation is the largest private funder of migraine research in the United States and awards grants to scientists whose work holds the promise of groundbreaking advances in the search for the causes of migraine.

MRF is pleased to announce its second round of grant recipients, who will receive a total of $200,000 to spur innovaton in migraine research.  MRF plans to announce its third RFP in early 2009.  Funding for the grants comes from the support of  a growing private donor base. If you would like to join us in funding migraine research, click here.
MRF is committed to advancing migraine science that will improve treatments and ultimately, lead to a cure. For more information about our Request for Proposals process, click here.  You may also email us at [email protected].

MRF congratulates the 2008 award recipients.  The grants were awarded to the following four researchers: 

2008 Grant Recipients
Nancy Berman, Ph.D 
University of Kansas Medical Center,
Kansas City, KS

 A Behavioral Model of Menstrual Migraine
Studying how estrogen levels regulate central and peripheral sensitization that lead to chronic pain

David Borsook, MD, Ph.D 

Harvard Medical School
Boston, MA 
Mapping Functional Brain Circuits in a Rodent Model of Central Sensitization
Using functional MRI to measure changes in brain circuits before and after central sensitization

Andrew Charles, MD

David Geffen School of Medicine UCLA
Los Angeles, CA

Central Mechanisms of Opioids in the Transformation of Migraine
Investigating the ways in which acute vs. chronic opioid administration may influence migraine by studying their effect on cortical spreading depression

Michael Cutrer, MD

The Mayo Clinic,
Rochester, MN
Investigation of the Genetic Basis of Migraine: Building a DNA Library in Migraine Sufferers
Establishing a DNA library of well characterized migraineurs and matched controls in a searchable electronic database


The Foundation’s 2007 research grants were awarded to the following four researchers: 
Richard Lipton, MD
Albert Einstein College of Medicine,
Bronx, NY
Towards a Migraine Genetics Population Laboratory: Building on the American Migraine Prevalence and Prevention Study
Testing a method of collecting DNA by mail from headache suffers as the first step to building a genetic database on migraine

Michael Oshinsky, Ph.D.  

Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA
Glial Activation and the Chronification of Headache
Studying the transition of episodic migraine to chronic daily headache, a severely disabling condition affecting 4% of the US population

Frank Porreca, Ph.D.

University of Arizona, Tucson
Behavioral Model of Medication Overuse Headache
Researching why migraine sufferers often experience not only a headache, but also sensitivity to touch

Ann Scher, Ph.D.

Uniformed Services University, Bethesda, MD
Migraine in Middle Age and Late Life: A Longitudinal Analysis of Factors Related to Migraine Prognosis in a Large Population-Based Cohort
Examining the relationship between migraine in middle-age and stroke in a group of Icelandic adults