Announcing our new research grants!

Our researchers are working hard to discover the causes, improve the treatments, and find a cure for migraine.

Meet our newest grantees and learn about their innovative projects:

Dr. Anna Andreou‘s 2016 award makes her a two-time MRF Grantee. She received our Thomas E. Heftler Award for outstanding young researchers in 2010. Now, 6 years later, she’s received another grant, this time to study BiTox, a potential next-gen Botox molecule. She’ll investigate it as a new treatment for chronic migraine.

andrew-hershey-hiresDr. Andrew Hershey is an MRF Medical Advisory Board member and now he’s also an MRF Grantee. He’ll use his grant to analyze data from the CHAMP study, his groundbreaking NIH Children and Adolescent Migraine Prevention project. The study has already produced shocking results that found a placebo to be just as effective at preventing migraine in kids as 2 commonly prescribed medications. Now, Dr. Hershey will be identifying which genes may be responsible for treatment response in childhood migraine.  

Dr. Clas Linnman is the 2016 recipient of the Association of Migraine Disorders Grant and an Assistant Professor at Harvard. He’ll be studying the role of estrogen fluctuations in menstrual migraine. Dr. Linnman will look at brain changes over the menstrual cycle using fMRI and PET imaging scans. Looking at hormone level changes, brain structure and function, and migraine onset could significantly add to the understanding of the causes of menstrual migraine.

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