Announcing our 2018 MRF Impact Award on cannabis for the acute treatment of migraine


MRF takes the lead in funding ground-breaking marijuana research to bring relief to sufferers


We’re thrilled to announce the 2018 MRF Impact Award on Cannabis for the Treatment of Migraine: a ground-breaking investigation of the efficacy of 3 different types of vaporized cannabis (CBD, THC, CBD:THC) for the acute treatment of migraine.


Dr. Nathaniel Schuster of the University of California San Diego will be investigating how each of these chemicals affects pain intensity, photophobia (light sensitivity), phonophobia (sound sensitivity), and nausea, and assessing potential psychoactive side effects. This $200,000, 3-year study will be the first to look at the use of cannabis for acute migraine treatment in a placebo-controlled, randomized and blinded study. Dr. Schuster’s critical project could have an enormous impact by providing insights into whether marijuana helps relieve different migraine symptoms and if so, which chemicals are most effective.


More than 1 billion people suffer from migraine, the sixth most disabling disease in the world. Every 10 seconds, someone in the US goes to the emergency room for head pain, and over 1.2 million visits annually are for acute migraine attacks. There is a huge unmet need for effective, safe and reliable acute migraine treatments. Studies have reported that more than 50% of migraine sufferers get little relief from their usual treatment when trying to stop a migraine attack. Desperate for relief, many migraine sufferers have used marijuana to treat their migraine, often without a doctor’s prescription. Both doctors and sufferers want to know whether it is safe and effective. Until now, there has been little scientific evidence to support its use. As a result, doctors avoid prescribing it, and sufferers are left to fend for themselves, guessing which chemical and dosage might help. With the legalization of medical marijuana in 30 states, the District of Columbia, and Canada, now is the time to look for these answers, and MRF is taking the lead.


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