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There is no condition of such magnitude - yet so shrouded in myth, misinformation, and mistreatment - as migraine.
— Joel R. Saper, MD, Chair, MRF Medical Advisory Board


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MRF‘s For Our Children special initiative raises money to move the science of childhood migraine forward, as children with migraine are a severely under-served population. Information is lacking for sufferers, parents, and medical professionals, and research is minimal.

Childhood migraine is a special focus of MRF‘s research program. We encourage investigators to submit proposals in this area. Please support the For Our Children initiative and help the millions of children suffering from this disabling disease by donating now.

We’re proud to have funded these studies through For Our Children:

Robert NicholsonRobert Nicholson, PhD
Mercy Clinic Headache Center, St. Louis, MO

Assessing adherence to guidelines for the acute treatment of pediatric migraine

Dr. Nicholson completed his project in 2014, and his findings are alarming: he found 5 of 6 kids with migraine are receiving poor care. Among those who received medication, 15.8% were prescribed an opioid, contrary to best practices. These disturbing results demonstrate the need for increasing doctors’ awareness of appropriate migraine care for kids and teens. Learn more.


Brandon Aylward, PhD & Scott Powers, PhD
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, Cincinnati, OH

The Multidimensional Impact of Migraine in Adolescents Presenting to Specialty Care

Completing their study in 2013, Dr. Aylward and Dr. Powers compared the baseline impact of migraine on teens’ functioning with changes at 6 months after starting biobehavioral treatment: treatment involving preventive medication and lifestyle education. There were significant improvements in functioning at the 6-month visit, but not for all. This is important evidence that a treatment program combining preventive medication and lifestyle education can be helpful for teen sufferers. Learn more.


golda ginsburgGolda Ginsburg, PhD
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD

A Pilot Study of Family-Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Treating Chronic Pediatric Headache/Migraine and Comorbid Anxiety

In 2012, Dr. Ginsburg finished evaluating the feasibility, acceptability, and preliminary impact of a family-based cognitive-behavioral therapy intervention compared to relaxation training. The findings suggest that both interventions were perceived as helpful. Learn more.


amy gelfandAmy Gelfand, MD
University of California, San Francisco

Bringing Relief to Adolescents Naturally with Melatonin (BRAiN-M study) 

Dr. Gelfand is currently examining whether melatonin, a safe and natural supplement, is effective for migraine prevention in 12-17-year-olds. If successful, this study would provide initial evidence of melatonin as an option for migraine prevention in teens. She is currently enrolling study participants. Click here to find out if you or your child qualifies.


danielle tszeDaniel S. Tsze, MD
Columbia University, NY

Intranasal ketorolac versus intravenous ketorolac for treatment of migraine headaches in children 

Dr. Tsze is currently studying how well ketorolac works when given intranasally compared to intravenously for treating migraine in children. If intranasal administration is as effective, millions of children may be saved trips to the emergency room for acute migraine treatment.

Please help us open doors to a cure for the millions of children suffering from migraine by donating to fund childhood migraine research
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