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This is the time of year when we reflect on what’s important.

Here’s what’s important to us:

We want to support as many deserving projects as we can raise the funds for. All our operating costs are underwritten, so your donation goes directly to fund migraine research.  We’re not building bank accounts or endowments; we’re supporting bold and innovative migraine research.

There are no distractions.  We raise money for migraine research. That’s all we do.

Our kids are a priority.  MRF’s For Our Children initiative will move the science of pediatric/adolescent migraine forward.

Women are a priority. There are three times as many female sufferers as male. We want to get to the bottom of this astonishing disparity.

Research proposals are reviewed by our world-renowned medical advisory board based on INNOVATION, IMPACT, IMPORTANCE and VALUE to the field of migraine. Our board is comprised of the nation’s top migraine experts. 

We promise to stay on track with our mission We don’t know what causes migraine yet. Investing in research is the only way to develop effective treatments, find ways to prevent migraine and to cure it!

MRF is the only nonprofit whose sole purpose is to raise funds for migraine research – We awarded 16 grants in just three years, and our 2010 grants will be announced soon! Please help ensure that our important work continues.  Every donation moves us a step closer to learning migraine’s secrets and ending the suffering.

Best wishes for a happy, healthy, peaceful, and pain free New Year from your friends at the Migraine Research Foundation!

Donate now to move the science of migraine forward. We need your support.

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