Fundraise for Migraine Awareness Month 2017

June is Migraine Awareness Month.

If you suffer from migraines, you’re already aware of how disabling they can be. Migraine Awareness Month in June is our opportunity to educate the lucky ones who don’t suffer. It’s the time to inform the world about migraine disease and how badly we need more research.

Raising awareness about migraine is important, but research is the key to improving the lives of sufferers. There is a critical need for more research to understand the causes, find better treatments, and get us closer to a cure for migraine.

Your mission this Migraine Awareness Month: commit to raising awareness about the need for research, and help us fund it.

Plan your June fundraiser now. Tell your friends and family why we need migraine research. And ask them to help fund it.

We need the help of people who know what migraine disease is and how it affects people. If sufferers don’t join the battle to raise awareness and funds to fight migraine, who will?