Migraine news this week: February 24

migraine-news-february-24Catch up on the latest migraine news.

Does Daith Piercing Cure Migraines? What The Medical Evidence Says

The daith ear piercing is trending in the migraine community. Some sufferers claim their headaches improved or went away after they got the piercing. This article from Medical Daily discusses what the science says.

Unfortunately, they explain that any benefit from the piercing is likely due to the placebo effect. This is why we need your help funding more research to find new, real migraine treatments.

Managing headaches in patients with sleep disorders

It’s common for migraine sufferers to also have sleep disorders like insomnia, sleep apnea, and teeth grinding. Sometimes, this can make your migraines worse. This article explains what you can do if it happens to you.

New migraine photos enlighten man on girlfriend’s pain

Joaquin Paredes, a photographer from Spain, was shocked when he first saw how disabling migraines can be. “I never realized how hard [migraines] are on your professional and personal life until I met her,” he says of his girlfriend, a chronic migraine sufferer who opened his eyes to the disease. For his latest project, he illustrated her pain and symptoms through a series of powerful prints.

Acupuncture shows promise in migraine treatment, study says

Robert Jimson for CNN reports on migraine drugs in the pipeline and new research supporting acupuncture as a migraine treatment. He interviews renowned headache specialists like Dr. Amy Gelfand and Dr. Stephen Silberstein to get their take.

Decisions in Recovery

Headache doctors do not recommend treating migraines with opiates like morphine, hydrocodone, or oxycodone. Research shows that not only are they ineffective for migraine, but they can even make migraines worse. SAMHSA launched this new, non-judgmental tool to help you think things through if you’re considering coming off opiates.

Migraine – Anna Blanchard

Listen to Anna’s beautiful original song about chronic migraine!

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