Migraine news this week: March 10

Catch up on the latest migraine news.

New research alert: Traditional Chinese Medicine for migraine

Traditional Chinese Medicines have been used for centuries to treat migraine. MRF Grantee Dr. Xiaohui Wang just finished his study on the two most popular of these medicines. Dr. Wang used animal cells to investigate the active ingredients in the medicines. He found two key chemicals that may reduce migraine activity in the brain. This discovery is the first step to developing new compounds for future drug development. Your support helps us get there faster.

Cogniphobia in Migraine: The Fear and Avoidance of Thinking

Afraid to think? Unfortunately, that can actually happen when you have chronic migraine. Dr. Elizabeth Seng defines cogniphobia in this article from Neurology Advisor. This fear-avoidance cycle can include a fear of moving or “thinking too hard.”

This Is Why Red Wine Gives You Headaches

Red wine isn’t a migraine trigger for everyone, but if it is for you, this article in SELF explains why.

Comorbidities Have a Significant Impact on Chronic Migraine Health Care Costs

“Comorbid” is the word used when a person has at least two chronic conditions. Migraine sufferers often have comorbid mental health issues, arthritis, and other disorders. This article breaks down the economic costs of these comorbidites. It shows why it’s so important to treat migraine patients for all their conditions.

Screening for bipolar disorder among migraineurs: the impact of migraine-bipolar disorder comorbidity on disease characteristics

More research on comorbidity, and this time it’s about bipolar disorder. This new study found that almost 20% of migraine sufferers have bipolar disorder. It’s a serious mental illness causing extreme mood swings. Get more information.

New treatment provides instant relief for children with migraine

There are even fewer migraine treatments for kids than adults. Often, treatments that work for adults don’t work for kids. This study tested a nerve block in children that’s commonly used to treat migraine in adults. Good news: the researchers found it to be an effective migraine treatment for kids and teens, too.

Migraine-Fighting Arm Patch Shows Small Effect

A new device from Israel may show promise for treating migraine. New research shows that electrical stimulation through an arm patch might have a small pain-relieving effect during a migraine attack, but more research is needed to know for sure.

The Dragon That Never Sleeps: Living With Chronic Migraines

Sculpture artist Anna Cowley Ford uses her migraine pain to inspire her work. View her latest exhibition.

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