Migraine news this week: March 17

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One third of people suffer from fragrance sensitivity, research suggests

Chanel No. 5 can cause extreme pain when you suffer from migraine! Perfumes and other strong scents are common migraine triggers. This article explains why. It also explains other health issues triggered by scents, such as asthma.

What is causing link between migraine and heart disease?

Doctors know there’s a link between migraine and heart disease, but the reason is still a mystery. Researchers, including MRF Grantees Dr. Markus Schurks and Dr. Tobias Kurth, thought shared gene variants might be the cause.

A recent study from Dr. Aarno Palotie, however, could not find any genes in migraine sufferers that would explain the link. This could mean that researchers still need to pinpoint the correct genes, or it could mean that the link isn’t genetic at all.

For now, migraine sufferers should minimize non-genetic risk factors for heart disease by exercising regularly, maintaining a healthy weight, and not smoking.

you_decide_logoThe Alien at the Potluck: Chapter 1

You decide what happens in this story. Read chapter 1 of MRF Ambassador Lisa Benson’s story, then vote on the outcome you want to see. All while raising money for migraine research!

11 Things Migraine Sufferers Are Tired of Hearing

All migraine sufferers can probably relate to this Buzzfeed article from Amgen. How many times has someone told you, “oh I get headaches too?”

An Interview with Dr. Joanna Kempner

Have you ever wondered why there are so few doctors specializing in headache medicine? Learn all about stigma, gender bias, and how sufferers can advocate for change.

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