Migraine news this week: January 17

Catch up on all of 2017’s migraine news so far.


Healthier Connections: More help for people suffering from headaches

Watch Dr. Brian Grosberg talk about the biggest thing to ever happen in the field of migraine research. Project Status Migrainosus, funded by our first ever MRF Impact Award, has the potential to improve migraine treatment for millions of sufferers faster than ever.

Neuroscientist Making Headway in Fighting Migraine Headaches

MRF Grantees Dr. Greg Dussor and Dr. Ted Price recently completed their study, and UT Dallas reports their groundbreaking findings. Dussor and Price revealed exciting new information about BDNF, a protein that could cause pain hypersensitivity in migraines. This discovery could lead to new, more targeted treatments in the future. Read about their findings and what it means for the future of research.

Chronic Pain Grant Will Study Botox Use in Children With Migraine

Great news for migraine research funding! A pain researcher at the University of California-Irvine received a $100,000 grant to study Botox for preventing migraine in kids and teens. Doctors commonly treat adults with Botox, but researchers haven’t yet studied it in children. This two-year project could provide important information on childhood migraine treatment.

Those Complex, Complicated Migraines

Have you ever been diagnosed with “complex migraine?” It doesn’t exist. Read about why doctors give incorrect diagnoses and learn about the different real types of migraine you could have. Use our list to find a certified headache specialist who can diagnose and treat you properly.


Pediatric Migraine: The CHAMP Trial

Doctors often prescribe medications to children that are used to prevent migraines in adults. But until now, no one had studied if those medications actually work to prevent migraines in kids and teens. The CHAMP trial revealed that a placebo was just as effective as two of the most popular medications, which often come with bad side effects. Watch this video to learn about the shocking new findings on childhood migraine treatment.

Retinal Migraine: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Are you one of the 1 in 200 migraine sufferers with retinal migraine? Read this article to learn about triggers, symptoms, and treatment.

Nasal Spray for Migraines

MRF Grantee Dr. Richard Kraig just received $250,000 to study and develop a new nasal migraine spray. Researchers hope the hormone-based product could relieve a migraine within 30 minutes. Dr. Kraig hopes to fast-track this product and make it available to the public as quickly as possible.

New funding opportunity

Attention migraine researchers! Submit your Letter of Interest now for our next MRF Impact Award to study New Daily Persistent Headache.

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