Migraine news this week: September 10

Catch up on this week’s migraine headlines.

Hardship and Hope: Migraine sufferers tell their stories

Real migraine sufferers talk about their migraine struggles in this video. They tell us why they still have hope, and what’s helped them keep going through years of pain. The video includes MRF Ambassador Daisy, as well as Samantha, the daughter of the MRF co-founders.

Many with migraines unhappy with treatments and struggle to fight stigma

A company called Health Union gave a national survey to 3,900 migraine sufferers. The sufferers explained their struggles to receive good treatments and even a correct diagnosis. The survey responses shine a light on the current problems with treating migraine.

When It Comes To Migraines, the Drugs Are Almost As Bad As the Pain

An article in VICE’s Motherboard also discussed the national survey. The author shows why we so desperately need more research–so we can find better treatments for all sufferers.

How does food affect migraines?

There’s a lot of untrue information on the Internet about the effects a person’s diet has on his or her migraine attacks. As a result, many sufferers struggle through restrictive diets, searching for foods that trigger their migraines. MRF Medical Advisory Board member Dr. Peter Goadsby sets the record straight with BBC.

He explains that experts actually do not consider specific foods to be migraine triggers (besides alcohol and nitrates). He mentions that food cravings are often an early symptom of a migraine attack, which causes some sufferers to assume that the food triggered the headache. He also explains the effects of caffeine, blood sugar, and food intolerance on migraine attacks.

College Life with Migraines: 5 Secrets of Social Success

A recent college graduate and chronic migraine sufferer gives her advice for getting through school with migraines.