Migraine news this week: August 13

Catch up on the headlines.

Mad Hatter Soiree gains support for migraine research

Our friends at the Association of Migraine Disorders threw a grand Alice in Wonderland-themed party last weekend, where they raised awareness about migraine and presented awards to leaders in the field. We congratulate AMD on the successful friendraiser, and we congratulate our grantees Dr. Robert Shapiro, Jacki Ochs, and Susanna Styron on their important awards.

Shared Genetics May Underlie Co-Occurring Migraine, Depression

Many migraine sufferers also suffer from depression. Researchers have long known there was a link between the two, but weren’t sure what it was. In this study, researchers compared sets of twins to investigate the genetics behind the connection.

They found that migraine and depression share similar genetic causes in the brain. This means that one condition does not cause the other, but that both stem from the same disease mechanisms. These results will point researchers toward developing drugs that target the underlying causes of both conditions.

Migraine Headache Causes and Symptoms 2016: Everything You Need to Know

This Medical Daily article summarizes the basics of what we know about migraine. It includes information on types of migraine, various treatments, and updates on the status of migraine research.

Study finds 83 per cent of people with epilepsy also have headaches

Researchers investigated headaches in epileptics. They found that 78% of people with epilepsy get headaches during the time between their seizures. 32% of those people suffered from migraine. These numbers support the link between migraine and epilepsy and will help epilepsy doctors provide their patients with more personalized treatments.