Migraine news this week: August 20

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Is Migraine Headache Associated With Concussion in Athletes? A Case-Control Study

Concussion in athletes is a hot topic. Many researchers are curious about its relationship to migraine. In this study, doctors at a sports neurology clinic investigated the link. They found that there is an association between migraine and concussion in athletes. However, they weren’t able to prove that a concussion is always the cause of migraine. More research is needed. These results suggest that doctors treating concussions in athletes should evaluate them for migraine, too.

Childhood onset of migraine, gender, parental social class, and trait neuroticism as predictors of the prevalence of migraine in adulthood

Researchers in the UK looked at over 5,000 members of a 50-year cohort study for this project. They found that people with higher neuroticism were more likely to suffer from migraine. They also found that people whose parents were in higher social classes were more likely to suffer. These results help us understand factors that contribute to migraine. They could help doctors more easily diagnose and treat it in the future.

5 Things People Who Get Migraines Want You To Know

Self magazine spoke with migraine experts at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. The experts cleared up the biggest misconceptions the public has about migraine. They also urged sufferers to consult a specialist for help with their migraines.

Does eating more salt prevent migraines and severe headaches?

New Scientist interviewed two doctors who’ve started looking at the link between salt consumption and migraine attacks. Both researchers specialize in neurological conditions other than migraine, so their interest in headaches provides hope that migraine research will get even more attention soon. More research is needed to determine salt’s effects on migraines.

What Gets Me Through My Migraines

A sufferer describes many of the strange, little-known migraine symptoms.