Migraine news this week: August 27

Catch up on the headlines.

Back-to-school means migraines for some kids

MRF Medical Advisory Board member Dr. Andrew Hershey explains why kids’ migraines often pick up when they go back to school and what to do about it. He says it’s so important to eat breakfast that kids are actually better off eating something unhealthy than not eating anything at all.

I’m A Mom With Migraines & This Is How It Affects My Parenting

One mother writes about her experience as a parent who suffers from migraine.

Increased migraine risk in osteoporosis patients: a nationwide population-based study.

Researchers in Taiwan looked at a group of people with osteoporosis to investigate its connection to migraine. They found that people with osteoporosis were 1.37 times more likely to get migraines than those without. This correlation suggests the two diseases may have similar underlying mechanisms.

How to Fight Chronic Migraines Like a Gymnast

The Olympics are over but migraine sufferers are still fighting! A former competitive gymnast offers advice on how to cope.