Migraine news this week: December 17

Catch up on all the migraine headlines from his week.

Medical Rounds: Migraine Research

VIDEO: Watch migraine specialist Dr. Brian Grosberg explain the exciting new research he’s doing, funded by our MRF Impact Award. Learn how you can get involved in the study!

Children’s Drawings of Their Headaches May Indicate Migraine

A new study in Vancouver tested a unique way for doctors to diagnose migraine in kids and teens. Researchers asked young patients to draw a picture of themselves having a headache. Doctors could easily diagnose the children who drew a migraine aura. The researchers suggest that art should be used as a fun, effective method to diagnose migraine with aura in kids and teens.

Gifts That Do Good and Feel Good!

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When cervical pain is actually migraine: An observational study in 207 patients

Half of all migraine sufferers are never diagnosed! Researchers in Italy think this is partly because many sufferers falsely believe their headaches are caused by problems in their cervical spine. In this study, researchers found that 91% of patients who thought they had cervical pain actually had migraine. This misdiagnosis led to unnecessary tests and ineffective treatments. These results mean both doctors and patients need to be more informed about migraine and its symptoms.

Nerve Blocks Safe, Effective in Older Headache Patients

Migraine treatment for older adults is even trickier than in younger adults. Geriatric patients often have other conditions or take medications that can interfere with migraine medicines. In this study, researchers found that nerve blocks may be a good option for these older migraine sufferers. The blocks were effective in 73% of patients. Doctors say they’re an important alternative to drugs.

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