Migraine news this week: February 10

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Migraines and Your Job

Are you struggling to keep your career afloat while dealing with your migraines? Do headaches cause you stress at work? This helpful guide from WebMD lays out how to stay on top of your career as a migraine sufferer. Read about how to prevent migraines in the office, who to turn to for help, and the right things to say.

Announcing our expanded Medical Advisory Board

We’re expanding our Medical Advisory Board so we can continue funding the most innovative migraine research.

We’re pleased to welcome Dr. Greg Dussor, a leading pain researcher, Dr. Lyn Griffiths, one of the top migraine geneticists in the world, Dr. Brian Grosberg, a noted headache specialist and recipient of the first MRF Impact Award, and Dr. Todd Smitherman, an expert on psychology and migraine. These new members will offer their expertise and help us continue searching for the best, most important research to fund.

10 Secrets to Save Money on Migraine Prescription Drugs

Angie Glaser at Migraine Again provides the ultimate guide to finding affordable migraine medications. She includes tips on dealing with insurance, finding the best pharmacy, and how to get your doctor to help. This is an important handbook for every migraine sufferer.

Migraine Linked to Adverse Events in Pregnancy

A new study from the Montefiore Medical Center reviewed the history of pregnant patients who were also migraine sufferers. Researchers found that migraine in pregnancy can increase the risk of negative events for both mother and child. These findings show how important it is for women with migraine to consult a headache specialist during their pregnancy to help keep mom and baby safe.

2017 TCS New York City Marathon

Lyle We’re once again an Official Charity Partner in the world’s most popular marathon, and we have a guaranteed-entry spot waiting for you. Apply to join Team MRF now.

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