Migraine news this week: January 28

Catch up on all the newest migraine headlines.

A New Research Grant Studies a Severe Form of Migraine

“You can hear the hopeful excitement in Grosberg’s voice as he explains the potential impact of the study,” writes MRF Ambassador Lisa Benson in this piece about Project Status Migrainosus, the groundbreaking study that received our first MRF Impact Award. Read more about the exciting new research by Dr. Brian Grosberg and Dr. Rami Burstein.

A company focused on ending the misery of chronic migraines

MRF Grantee Dr. Richard Kraig founded a startup based on the discoveries he made with his MRF grant. His new company Seurat Therapeutics will investigate a nasal spray to treat and prevent migraine headaches. This article explains what they’ll do with the $250,000 investment they just received.

2017 TCS New York City Marathon

We are once again an official charity partner of the world’s most popular marathon, and we have a guaranteed-entry spot waiting for you! Read the rules and view the application for Team MRF now.

Women With Migraines Are Being Misled About The Pill

This piece in Vice‘s Tonic discusses the links between migraine, birth control, and stroke risk. Most importantly, the author notes that not only are many hormonal birth control options safe for migraine sufferers, but they can even help prevent migraines in some women.

Migraine, tension headaches, and irritable bowel syndrome linked?

Researchers know that migraine sufferers are more likely to have IBS than non-sufferers. What they don’t know is why. In this study, scientists identified two different genes that could be the key. Both IBS sufferers and migraine sufferers often have differences in these genes compared to non-sufferers. The researchers say that this discovery could lead to new, more targeted treatments for both conditions.

Kicks for a Cure

Sensei Christine is a black belt in karate, but she can’t kick her migraines and cluster headaches. Her pain recently forced her to stop practicing and teaching karate lessons, but she wouldn’t let it knock her out completely. Read how Christine and her students raised more than $1,700 for migraine research.

Ten Steps to Successfully Treat Chronic Daily Headache

This is a comprehensive guide to treating the four different types of chronic daily headache. It includes a step-by-step treatment plan, specific talking points, and recommended medicines. Headache specialists and neurologists can use this guide to ensure they’re treating patients in the best way possible, and you can use it to make sure your doctor has everything covered.

The Heroism of Incremental Care

In this thoughtful essay in The New Yorker, Atul Gawande explains why headache specialists are our heroes. Get comfortable (it’s a long read!) and prepare to read an important and moving piece dedicated to doctors who focus on overall, long-term health and well-being.

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