Migraine news this week: July 25

Catch up on the headlines.

Bellamy Young Reveals What It’s Like To Live With Crushing Migraines

Bellamy Young is known for starring in the show Scandal, but many people may not know that she also suffers from migraine. This article in Woman’s Day reviews her latest interview on the subject.

Explaining migraines can be tricky. This comic helps.

An interview with a comic artist, writer, and teacher on her migraines, complete with comics illustrating her story.

Migraines in childhood and adolescence: more than just a headache

Part of a series on children’s health, this article in The Conversation summarizes symptoms, treatments, triggers, and more for childhood migraine.

Chronic migraine headache prevention with noninvasive vagus nerve stimulation

Research has shown that an implanted vagus nerve stimulator may help prevent migraine attacks, but the risks and costs associated with getting the implant are high. For this study, investigators looked into the safety and efficacy of a hand-held non-invasive alternative. They found that the device was safe and well-tolerated in migraine patients, which shows promise in its use to prevent migraines. More research will be needed to determine how effective it is.

New Daily Persistent Headache

Migraine specialist Dr. Deborah Tepper explains what we know about New Daily Persistent Headache, the problems with diagnosing it, and how it’s treated.

Chronic Migraine Awareness

Lindsay was one of our first MRF Ambassadors and has raised over $1,000 for migraine research. Watch her talk about living with migraine and leave a like for our friend.