Migraine news this week: July 30

Catch up on the headlines.

This is What a Migraine Really Feels Like

If you suffer, you know that migraines are not just headaches. Many people are lucky to not understand that. Prevention Magazine interviewed different women on what their migraines are really like, to try to show everyone just how bad a migraine is. Their quotes are powerful. Lisa Jacobson of The Daily Migraine says, “In 10 minutes, one whole side of my head, neck, and shoulder hurts to the touch.”

Ghrelin attenuates hyperalgesia and light aversion-induced by nitroglycerin in male rats

In this study, researchers injected rats with a drug known to induce migraines in both humans and rats. After observing the rats demonstrating migraine behaviors, they injected them with ghrelin, the hormone that triggers hunger. They found that ghrelin improved their migraines. It erased the rats’ increased pain sensitivity associated with their migraines. It also reduced their anxiety and light-sensitivity. These preliminary results suggest the hunger hormone may help relieve some of the negative emotional states associated with migraine.

Headache Sufferers Asked to Undertake Self Help Treatment

In-person therapy has been shown to help sufferers manage their migraines. However, there are barriers to treatment including time and cost. This article discusses a new study taking place in Australia where sufferers will be able to work through the therapy from home using a website and an app. If found effective, many sufferers may gain access to treatments they couldn’t get before. The study is currently enrolling participants.

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