Migraine news this week: June 25

Catch up on the headlines.

Large-scale genetic study provides new insight into the causes of migraine

Researchers concluded the largest migraine genetics study ever and gained insight into the underlying mechanisms of migraine. They analyzed millions of genes, and found 38 different ones to be associated with migraine–28 of which were previously unknown. These important results will help scientists get a clearer picture of migraine genetics.

Migraine researchers make ‘crucial’ DNA link discovery

Another article on the same genetics study discusses MRF Grantee Dr. Dale Nyholt’s work on blood vessels for the project. Researchers have long known that blood vessels were involved in the migraine process, but didn’t completely understand how. Dr. Nyholt found poor blood vessel function to be a primary mechanism underlying migraine–rather than blood vessel function being affected by underlying brain dysfunction. This important discovery helps researchers better understand the underlying causes of migraine in the brain.

Management of Adults With Acute Migraine in the Emergency Department

Migraine sufferers often must head to the ER during bad episodes, and to date, there was not one clear protocol for how to treat them. Researchers analyzed 68 previously conducted trials on migraine in the ER and drew conclusions from the data, developing the first protocol for treating migraine in the ER.

Migraine Matters: 6 Meeting Highlights

The 58th Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Headache Society took place this month, and migraine researchers from around the world presented their work from the past year. This article features summaries of 6 important presentations, including information on migraine in men, migraine treatment in obese women, and results of the most recent round of trials for the new CGRP drugs.