Migraine news this week: June 4

Catch up on the headlines.

A New View of Migraine: A Chat With Greg Dussor

MRF Grantee Dr. Greg Dussor was interviewed about the history of migraine science, the current state of migraine research, and what the future holds. He discusses the relationship between blood vessels and migraine, the new CGRP drugs, and why we need to keep working on research to understand all mechanisms of migraine.

My Destructive Dependency on Migraine Drugs

An author writes a powerful personal essay about her experience struggling to find the right migraine treatment, and a migraine doctor weighs in on managing the pain. Dana’s story emphasizes the dire need for funding for migraine research to find better treatments for all sufferers.

He’s Working on That Migraine For You

A graduate research fellow at the University of California–Berkeley was recently awarded a massive $138,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to do migraine research. Andoni Mourdoukoutas will study how well electrical stimulation of the vagus nerve can treat chronic migraine. If successful, he will be able to move into clinical trials.

Are drops in estrogen levels more rapid in women with migraine?

Researchers discovered that the drop in women’s estrogen levels before their periods was significantly higher in migraine sufferers than in non-sufferers. According to researcher Jelena Pavlovic, this drop makes women more vulnerable to their migraine triggers and helps explain the occurrence of menstrual migraine.