Migraine news this week: October 8

Catch up on the migraine headlines you missed this week.

I Can Finally See The Light!

Blogger The Migraine Diva describes her experience of finally seeing a certified headache specialist for the first time. She leaves the appointment armed with a new plan and filled with hope for the future. Use our list to find a headache specialist near you so you, too, can see the light.

Are migraines genetic? An interview with Nick Furlotte

In this piece, a statistical geneticist breaks down the results of a recent study published in Nature Genetics  so everyone can understand. He clearly explains the significance of the statistics, and he notes that the study found about 40% of migraine disease is caused by genetics.

The Migraine Guy

YouTuber Kevin Patton, better known as The Migraine Guy, recently launched a series of videos about migraine research funding. Watch his first one below, where he explains why MRF is the only charity to give to if you want your donation to fund migraine research! Our Board covers all of our costs, so 100% of every gift goes directly to research.

Theranica raises seed round for Nerivio Migra wearable migraine device

A medical device company announced their plan to study a new migraine patch. They’ve already raised the money needed to do the research and will be starting soon. A new migraine company entering the field is always another step forward for migraine sufferers.

Chiropractic spinal manipulative therapy for migraine

This study about migraines and chiropractor treatment was published in the European Journal of Neurology. They found that patients improved equally well from a real chiropractor treatment as from a fake one. This suggests that any improvement sufferers report in their migraines after seeing a chiropractor is likely due to the placebo effect.