Migraine news this week: September 17

Catch up on this week’s headlines.

Got migraines? Join a Pasadena research effort that seeks a cure

Larry Wilson is the editor of the Pasadena Star-News. He shares his personal story as a sufferer and explains why we so desperately need more migraine research, and why sufferers need to step up to help.

He suggests to support research by participating in a local study. Can’t participate in the study? Learn about all the other ways you can help support migraine research.

Feel your pain: The health risk of migraines in men

Migraines are more common in women than in men, so we hear less about the unique issues faced by men who suffer. This article from the Harvard Medical School discusses the link between stroke risk, heart attack risk, and migraine in men. It also provides tips on preventing and treating migraine attacks.

Migraines were taken more seriously in medieval times — where did we go wrong?

Katherine Foxhall is a lecturer who received a grant to study the history of migraine. In this article, she compares how people viewed migraines in the past to how they view them now. She traces the origins of the word “migraine.” She argues that while migraines were taken seriously throughout history, they aren’t any more.

The article also features art from migraine sufferers, part of a collection of over 500 pieces depicting migraine.

The Battle With Insurance Companies for Costly Migraine Care

All about insurance for migraine sufferers: brand name drugs versus generics, why you might need pre-authorization, and how to use your voice to change the system.

Help! My head is killing me! – Migraine Awareness Show

The UK recently had their Migraine Awareness Week. The Chrissy B Show dedicated an entire episode to migraine awareness. Watch the full episode: