Introducing the MRF Impact Award

To celebrate our 10th anniversary of funding research, we’re launching a new initiative in recognition of the urgent need to impact treatment now.

For 10 years, our cutting-edge research projects were typically funded at $50,000 and lasted about one year. We’ve funded 53 of these studies so far, and we’ll continue to raise money to fund these innovative projects.

This year, we’re adding a larger, longer-term award for studies that are so innovative they could never get funding from other sources. The MRF Impact Award studies will involve real patients in headache clinics. We know that sufferers need help now.

Watch for the announcement of our first MRF Impact Award, a 3-year $250,000 project by two internationally renowned headache specialists.

Join us in celebrating our 10th anniversary and the launch of the MRF Impact Award. Donate now to bring hope, help, and healing to the millions of migraine sufferers.