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There is no condition of such magnitude - yet so shrouded in myth, misinformation, and mistreatment - as migraine.
— Joel R. Saper, MD, Chair, MRF Medical Advisory Board

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"Migraine Research Foundation Announces Expanded List of Children’s Headache Centers"
Although 10% of all school-age children experience migraine, they often are undiagnosed and untreated. The MRF list is organized by state and includes the ages of patients that doctors will see to assist parents and others in identifying and locating help for children with migraine. To read more, click here.

"Pharmacology researcher Colin Willis awarded Migraine Research Foundation grant to study mechanisms of medication overuse headaches"
University of New England Assistant Professor Colin Willis, Ph.D., was recently awarded a $50,000 Migraine Research Foundation grant to study the mechanisms of blood-brain barrier dysfunction in medication overuse headaches. To read more, click here.

"Fighting Misconceptions About Migraines"
To the Editor: Re: “Me, Michele and Our Migraines,” by Judith Warner (Op-Ed,  July 22):
By Cathy Glaser, July 30, 2011
Since Representative Michele Bachmann was revealed  as a migraine sufferer, there has been a maelstrom of misinformation, invidious sex discrimination and careful disclaimers about not blaming the victim. But that’s exactly what’s happening. To read more, click here.

"Michele Bachmann’s Migraines: Some Facts About a Mysterious Condition"
By Katie Rogers
Michele Bachmann is undergoing the requisite invasive media examination required of any presidential hopeful in 2011, but instead of commenting on her publicized beliefs, her promises to constituents and her family life, our focus has shifted to what’s going on inside her head. Literally. To read more, click here.


"Why Do Women Get More Migraines Than Men?"
By Brian Palmer, July 20, 2011
Aides to Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann say she suffers from severe migraine headaches that can incapacitate her for days at a time. After Bachmann’s campaign denied the claims, a secondary debate was sparked about whether reporting on the issue is sexist, since migraines are more common in women than men. To read more, click here.

"Implantable Device May Help Ease Tough Migraines"
By Denise Mann, June 23, 2011
An implantable device hidden in the nape of the neck may mean more headache-free days for people with severe migraines that don’t respond to other treatments, a new study suggests. To read more, click here.

"Migraines – A Serious Women’s Health Issue"
By Wendy Lewis, June 19, 2011
We have all known someone who has been devastated by migraines that may come on unexpectedly and bring symptoms like throbbing pain, sensitivity to light, nausea, and vomiting and lasts for hours or days. Chances are that someone was female. To read more, click here.

"The Best Way to Treat a Headache"
By Jessica Levine, May 28, 2011
A government report out this month finds that more than 3 million Americans pounded emergency rooms with headache complaints in 2008. The ER? For a headache, you say? To read more, click here.

"Addressing Insomnia Symptoms Could Help Migraine Sufferers"
By Josh Presley, February 27, 2011
Reducing insomnia may reduce migraines. To read more about Dr. Todd Smitherman’s research click here.

"UM Psychologist Looks Ahead to Remedy Migraines"
By Zing, February 18, 2011
MRF grantee, Dr. Todd Smitherman hopes to develop a set of validated techniques that can help decrease the frequency and severity of migraines click here.

WREG News Channel 3-Memphis, TN
WREG.com, February 23, 2011
What do Percy Harvin and Serene Branson have in common? See what MRF researcher Dr. Todd Smitherman has to say click here.

CBS Evening News with Katie Couric
CBS.com, February 18, 2011
Serene Branson’s on camera "stroke" was a migraine:
The viral video of KCBS reporter Serene Branson having what many speculated to be a stroke, turned out to be a migraine. Erica Hill reports click here.

Los Angeles Times
"CBS Reporter Serene Branson Suffered ‘migraine aura,’ Doctor Says"
By Thomas H. Maugh II, February 17, 2011
MRF grantee Dr. Andrew Charles discusses migraine with aura click here.

Global National

Globalnews.ca, February 18, 2011
MRF President Cathy Glaser on migraine as a misunderstood disease in the wake of Serene Branson’s on-air episode click here.

"Serene Branson Migraine: Your Questions Answered"
By Matt McMillen, February 22, 2011
MRF Medical Advisory Board member Richard Lipton answers questions about Serene Branson’s migraine attack click here.

By MC Kelby, February 20, 2011
Learn more about Serene Branson’s migraine with aura episode click here.

"Migraine: Not a Headache!"
By Julie Lao, February 18, 2011
Read why migraines are not just headaches click here.

The Wall Street Journal

"Injecting Migraine Away"
By Laura Johannes, January 4, 2011
Read about botox use for migraine pain click here.

The New York Times
"Returning to Classrooms, and to Severe Headaches"
By Tara Parker-Pope, August 30, 2010
Read about the challenges of childhood migraine, with comments by MRF president Cathy Glaser about our For Our Children initiative click here.

The Wall Street Journal
"Some Headache Cures May Make the Pain Worse"
By Kristen Gerencher, May 7, 2010
Read about Medication Overuse Headache click here.

The New York Times
"Migraines Force Sufferers to Do Their Homework"
By Lesley Alderman, January 30, 2010
MRF‘s Dr. Joel Saper and Dr. David Dodick urge migraine sufferers to take charge of their treatment click here.

Westchester Family Magazine
"Coping with Childhood Migraine"
By Colette Connolly, November 2008
Read about migraine in children click here.

Eden Prairie (MN) News
"Backyard Carnival Supports Foundation"
September 5, 2008
Read how two boys organized a carnival to support MRF click here.

New Canaan (CT) Advertiser
"More Than Headaches: Speaker to Explain Migraines, Research"
By John Kovach, May 29, 2008
Read an interview with Joel R. Saper, MD, Chair of MRF‘s Medical Advisory Board click here.

Washington Post
"Bethesda Doctor Wins Grant to Study Migraine Headaches"
December 19, 2007
Read the Washington Post’s coverage of one of the four MRF 2007 grant recipients, Ann I. Scher, a professor at the Bethesda-based Uniformed Services University click here.


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