I started to have really bad headaches along with inner vertigo when I was working in retail and going to school several years ago. The headaches became so ferocious that I finally sought medical help. The doctor just told me that I was under a lot of stress and that I probably had an inner ear problem. The vertigo eventually left but the headaches, which are actually migraines, have continued and go in cycles where I have them daily for a while and then they go away for a while. Unfortunately, I have no support system nor any medical insurance so OTC migraine medication is my only option.

Although the migraines are very painful, I don’t get any of the other symptoms that others seem to get along with their migraines — aura, nausea. Although, I do get some light sensitivity. OTCs do work eventually if I take them right away. I would like to see a doctor and get a prescription but in my experiences with the medical world, they don’t really care about women that much anyway, so what good would it do.

I’m looking at wheat, caffeine, chocolate, estrogen, and emotional stress as being possible triggers. Who knows though? My thoughts go out to all of you who suffer. [Tweet this.]