I was inspired to write this poem, I Will Not Be In Today, because my migraines in fact have affected my “work life” so much.  I find myself saying the line “I will not be in today” more than I would like. [Tweet this.] I have been blessed that I have had understanding bosses.  It’s hard because people still think it’s just a headache and it’s really so much more.

I Will Not Be In Today

“I will not be in today,
Yes I know its only 530am”

“I have been up sick to my stomach all night
Yes a migraine is what I have again.”

“I will try to come in later
If it eases up somehow”

“But I’m going to take my pills
And go back to bed right now.”

“Thank you for understanding
I apologize for not coming in”

“I will make up all my work tomorrow
I just hope this migraine ends”
Yes I know that I look fine
And I don’t look like I am hurt

But believe me the pain is real
Or I wouldn’t be missing all this work.

It’s the same story different day
My life, yet again, is put on pause

I know the meds will kick in soon
I just wish I knew the cause

I almost don’t exist anymore
I’m a prisoner to myself

I wish that I could find relief
I wish there was something that helped

While the rest of the world is rising
I am just beginning my fight.

No I will not be in today,
As I close the blinds and shut out the light. [Tweet this.]