I experienced severe headaches as a child, but my first memory of what we now know was a migraine was at the age of 20. Right after I had my first child, I started to experience the worst headaches of my life. The nausea, vomiting, pain, aura, light disturbances would just incapacitate me in every way. I had a newborn, husband, and a good job, but could not function during these times. I had seen a neurologist at a local hospital who treated my headaches as a routine type of thing. He just gave me mild pain medications and told me to change my daily habits — watch what I eat, drink, lessen tension, etc. I have done everything — biofeedback, diet changes, and taken so many different meds that I feel like there is nothing left to try. [Tweet this.]

Now at the age of 47, there is still no change in my migraines. In fact, they are much worse. It seems that they cycle from a few months of getting a migraine for days on end, to steadily decreasing for a short time. But there is never a ‘normal time’ when I can let my guard down. I have missed so much because of the migraines, that you have to wonder if it is really worth continuing to live this type of lifestyle.

I am now looking for a new neurologist who will really understand my problems. When I call in between my appointments looking for reassurance, additional information, or assistance of any type, I want a doctor who will give me the time of day, instead of an office clerk just passing me off as another problem patient.

Hopefully someday there will be medication available that doesn’t cost almost a whole week’s pay and will really work for a long period of time, instead of the ones I have tried that may work somewhat for a very short period and then just not work at all. We need physicians who really care about this severe medical problem and enable their patients to be more active in their treatment. [Tweet this.]