I am 51 years old and have suffered from migraines for approximately 25 years. For some of these years, I suffered chronic daily migraines. For the majority of these years I was not able to identify the triggers. They would occur anytime, anywhere. Thankfully, after attending a Health & Wellness seminar 3 years ago, I was able to identify the triggers for my migraines and now have control of them without preventative medications. It changed my life. The seminar suggested that to help identify my triggers, I would be required to radically change my diet and be aware of the environment.

The first step was to detoxify my body by eating only fresh foods. I had to cut out processed foods (dairy products, cereals and processed meats), processed beverages (pop, juices, bottled water), frozen foods, and dried foods. I could only eat fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, fresh meats, and nuts. I was also supposed to document when I got migraines and the weather conditions at the time.

During this detoxification period I immediately found that the occurrences of my migraines were greatly reduced.

After detoxing, I was able to reintroduce all other foods, one at a time, to determine how I reacted. Through this process I was able to identify my triggers. For me, the triggers were food preservatives and weather changes. I control the food triggered migraines by avoidance, and the weather related triggers by being aware of changing weather conditions.

I had suspected food preservatives in the past but had no idea of the extent of my sensitivities until I completed this process. If I accidentally consume any of these preservatives, I will experience a migraine within 15 minutes. The list of processed and packaged foods that I must avoid is extensive. I now read every label on every product. I am conscious of what I order in restaurants because of the preservatives that the foods may contain and have taught myself how to cook all my foods from scratch.

My weather triggered migraines occur when there is a change in temperature, humidity and air pressure. For these migraines my only recourse is to be proactive. I monitor Canada’s weather network website and start over the counter migraine medication prior to the weather change. I also use a space heater in the room that I am in to keep the temperature, air pressure and humidity constant.

I realize that not everyone’s triggers will be the same as mine, but I hope that by sharing my story, I can enlighten others to determine their triggers.

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