My first migraine came one morning during my senior year of high school. It lasted a whole weekend, and after that I had a headache everyday for five long years.

I’m now 24, and my pain is a lot better due to research, medication, and my decision to change my lifestyle. My migraines are hormonal, so I take hormonal birth control. I also take CoQ10, which is good for your heart and keeps your blood flowing. This may ease some pain of migraine.

I want all women to know that migraines don’t just affect your head – they affect your entire body. I changed my lifestyle. I got a new job, new friends. I am eating healthier food and drinking green tea.

I encourage everybody to take control and not to give up hope. Let’s increase awareness of migraines and do everything to try to find a cure. Nobody should have to live with this pain. [Tweet this.]