My name is Michael. And I’ve got a story for you. I know nearly every migraine sufferer out there who has ever had to go to the ER will sympathize and agree.

I’ve been dealing with migraines since the age of 13. That makes 17 years of suffering. Though I’ve come a long way in understanding the condition, I believe I will have to deal with this illness for the rest of my life. I have a neurologist. We’ve been working very hard to find a preventative med that will keep me out of the ER. That being said, I have tried nearly every medication that can be prescribed for migraines, with little or no success. I typically get a very severe attack about twice a month. Most of my attacks respond to my medication – if I take it at the right time. The severe ones drive me to the ER. [Tweet this.] I usually have to call rescue because I cannot drive.

My problem is the response I get in the ER. Some people understand the pain and will order my meds ASAP. But I have found that most doctors are completely insensitive to my condition. They denounce the pain and tell me the best thing is to lie down in a dark room, take OTC meds, and try to sleep. Well that’s great. ANYONE who suffers from migraines knows this is IMPOSSIBLE to do. A lot of doctors have told me they see I’ve been to the ER many times, and because of that, will not treat me. They make me feel like a drug addict and guilty that I’m going through such pain. If I had ANY control over my attacks, don’t you think I would have taken that route? Especially since I don’t have insurance.

So I’m left with a doctor who treats me like a common drug addict. This is very embarrassing. It’s also very painful. I specifically let the doctor know, as if he couldn’t see from my chart, that one mixture is the ONLY thing that works for me. After 17 years, I should know!! But still, I get a doctor who asks me what works, and when I tell him, he just gives me something else. Now what is the point of asking me, if you’ve already made up your mind what you’re going to give me? It’s very frustrating.

I get very aggravated and feel like I’ve committed some crime, when I’M the one in horrendous pain. I just don’t get it. I hate being treated so poorly because I suffer these horrible, paralyzing, painful attacks. My trust and faith in doctors to really care about their patients has totally been skewed. That being said, every once in a while, I get a doctor who suffers from migraines. He assesses me, orders my meds, and within 5 minutes I’m feeling better. THAT’S what every doctor should be like. But sadly, we migraine sufferers have to endure public and societal ridicule because our pain is internal and not easily diagnosed.

To the migraine society – please hang in there and force your doctors to understand and listen. Especially ER doctors. We have to educate these people. The world needs to understand and learn this is not right. It’s unethical. It’s downright inhumane. I seriously hope through the research of MRF and others, that medical professionals will stop being so selfish, and please try to understand we did NOT chose to endure this horrible condition. Have faith. At some point, the medical world will truly understand…right? [Tweet this.]