My name is Nicole, and I am from Michigan. I am 26 years old and have had migraines since I was in my early teens. It seems that migraines run in my family. I remember when I was young, my mom would get migraines once in a while. When she did she was like a hibernating bear! She would close herself in her bedroom with all the lights off and the blinds drawn, and sometimes we could hear her in there crying. If my sisters and I would talk, even in low voices, outside her bedroom door she would yell “Shut up!” I know that my mom’s sister has had to go to the emergency room for her migraines too. When they were young they were forced to deal with their headaches using only home remedies and over-the-counter medications.

I have two younger sisters and one of them has inherited the migraine curse. The other one got lucky somehow and gets to live without the terrible pain. I can’t remember my headaches as an early teenager, but from late teens until now I tend to get several migraines a month. The number fluctuates quite a bit. Sometimes I will go months without one, and other times I will have a couple of migraines a week. I have been lucky though. I have always had access to prescription migraine medications. The thing is, it seems that the medications are becoming less and less effective as time goes by. One pill used to make my headaches go away, but now it sometimes takes two or three before the migraine is completely gone.

I don’t get the aura that many people talk about. I just get massive pain in my right eye and temple area and often down the right side of the back of my neck. I’ve always thought it was weird that the migraines are always on the right side, never the left. When I have a migraine any light is torture, smells of any kind will make me sick, and sounds make my head throb. [Tweet this.]

I just hope that one day doctors will actually stop and listen.  I also hope that we can find more information about the causes and cures so that we migraine sufferers do not have to live with this pain anymore.