I have suffered from migraines for more than 20 years. I have found that different things such as the shades of the sky or sound or the weather and even smell can set it off. We had a strong rain storm 2 days ago with 79 mph winds where the temp dropped from upper 90s to low 60s and then up again to upper 90s. I suffered a strong migraine stronger than I have had in over a year.

I have not had health insurance in more than a year and have used my medication as needed rather than as prescribed. I don’t like taking medicine and if I did I’d be asleep all day. When I had insurance I was prescribed a high dose of topomax, zaniflex and imitrex. There were times when the migraine was so severe that the medication did not work and I had to be hospitalized. The doctor told me to grin and bear it and not get the demerol and go into his office for an IV of depecote.

My migraines left me drained of energy and in most cases I lost my memory for the day, not remembering anything of that day, and having slurred speech for days, along with pain in the back of my neck like I’d been hit with a bat. The pain of the headache is tremendous and the nausea and vomiting intensifies the pain.

It has been a day after the headache and I’m left lightheaded and having to check my spelling on this because my words are spelled backwards. I’m running out of medicine and hope someone finds a cure soon to end this horrible pain. [Tweet this.]