I’ve experienced migraines since I was in 1st grade. As my age has changed, so have my symptoms. It really truly is a debilitating disease and has caused so much hassle and struggle within my life, especially in school. I have failed so many classes and eventually had to be home schooled because the public school administration wasn’t cooperating and my migraines were getting worse with the stress of it all. Migraines are so misunderstood by the general population, especially people who don’t experience them. [Tweet this.] I’ve been told so many times to just “deal and tough it out.” These people obviously don’t understand a migraine isn’t like the flu or a sinus infection. It’s not something you can “tough out” and just move along with your day.

I’ve always hoped for a cure for migraines, and seeing that an actual research foundation has been dedicated to the sole purpose of migraine research brings tears to my eyes. Migraines are misunderstood and the public is so misinformed about them. I feel as if many physicians and scientists don’t see the significant importance and urgency in migraine research. Hopefully, with the support of your foundation, a cure will be discovered someday within my lifetime. Thank you so much for establishing this foundation and setting aside time and money for all of this. I’m sure you’ve provided hope for many sufferers out there.