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There is no condition of such magnitude - yet so shrouded in myth, misinformation, and mistreatment - as migraine.
— Joel R. Saper, MD, Chair, MRF Medical Advisory Board

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Migraine Research Foundation Appoints New Board Member

Arnold M. Karp Joins MRF’s Board

New York, NY January 21, 2010 — The Migraine Research Foundation (MRF), the only nonprofit organization devoted solely to raising funds for migraine research, today announced the appointment of Arnold M. Karp to its Board of Directors.

“Arnold Karp adds to the MRF Board of Directors a real devotion to our mission, and is a strong leader with extensive business relationships and roots in the community,” said Steve Semlitz, Chairman.

Mr. Karp, a long-time migraine sufferer, is the founder of Karp Associates, a Connecticut-based construction firm which also provides real estate consulting and development services.  A resident of New Canaan, CT, Mr. Karp has been actively involved in numerous charitable endeavors for many years.       

“I’ve watched MRF over the years, and realized that no other organization is so completely devoted to moving the science of migraine forward and improving the lives of sufferers.  I look forward to being an integral part of MRF’s future,” Mr. Karp said. 

In addition to Mr. Karp and Mr. Semlitz, the members of MRF’s board are Cathy Glaser, and Ronald Tauber.
The Migraine Research Foundation is the only organization in the U.S. whose sole mission is to fund groundbreaking scientific research that will help further the understanding of the underlying causes of migraine and lead to the discovery of new effective treatments for sufferers.  In just three years, MRF has awarded $700,000 in grants to researchers.

About 10% of the total population – more than 30 million Americans, including children – suffers from migraine. American employers lose more than $13 billion each year as a result of 113 million lost work days due to headache or migraine.  In spite of the prevalence of migraine and its serious and debilitating effects, basic scientific research into its underlying causes and mechanisms is sorely underfunded.

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