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Other Ways To Help

Many people tell us they want to help, but don’t know how or what to do. There are many ways to raise funds for migraine research. Some do not involve a lot of time or expertise. Others require months of planning and lots of volunteers. Selecting a method that fits your time and level of experience is the key to success (and having fun).

General Tips

Think creatively about the talents and interests of the people who want to help and the people in your community – the ideas below are just examples to get you started. Some people may be avid golfers and interested in setting up a golf tournament. Others might prefer to have a garage sale after cleaning out the house, or a car wash on a hot summer day. The important thing is to do something that you enjoy!

Probably the easiest and least time consuming way to raise money is by sending out an email or letter to your friends and family, soliciting a donation. MRF will be happy to supply you with a template that you can personalize. Along the same lines, you could ask a group you’re involved in (a team, book club, religious or support group, etc.) to do this as a project, with members sending out an email or letter to their friends and family.

Another easy way to fund raise is to "piggy back" on another event. For example, if you are taking part in a run that is not already a charity fundraiser, run for MRF and collect donations from sponsors.

If you can, make your fundraiser an annual event. Some events become popular right away; others take a year or two to really build up steam.

When soliciting merchandise, services, or donations from merchants, start with those who you already know or do business with. If donors or merchants require MRF‘s federal tax ID number, contact MRF at 212-249-5402 or email [email protected].

Remember to ask if your company has a matching gifts program. The MRF donation will go that much further if they do.


Many of the events listed below can be combined – for example, you can do a raffle in connection with an athletic tournament.

Auction/white elephant sale: This is a great idea, especially if you can find a really fun emcee. Have people donate stuff they have around the house that they no longer want or use. Or, get people to offer a service: piano lessons, shopping, driving the car-pool, baby-sitting, cooking a gourmet dinner, etc. If you know a local merchant well, ask him to donate a prize or sell you merchandise at cost.

Restaurant Program: Encourage local restaurants to dedicate an evening to promote and support MRF by donating a percentage of its dinner proceeds or offering a free dessert or glass of wine to customers in exchange for a donation.

Parlor Meetings or Migraine Research Lectures: If there’s enough interest in your community, MRF can arrange for a presenter to give a lecture or attend a fundraising cocktail party or coffee hour with serious donor prospects.

Engage local businesses: Local businesses are a great charitable resource in the community. Ask them to underwrite an event, such as:

  • Planet Pizza’s Bike-a-thon to Cure Migraine: Free Pizza to all Bikers
  • Joe’s Bowling Alley supports the Migraine Cure: Fees for All Games Support MRF 7-9 pm Monday
  • Your Local Bank Proudly Supports the MRF Event

Take a booth at a health fair or street fair. Distribute MRF literature and collect donations.

Special occasions: Instead of gifts for birthdays/anniversaries/graduations and other celebrations, ask for a donation to MRF.

Get the kids involved: Kids can help raise money too. They can do tried and true events such as bake sales, car washes, or lemonade stands.

Some other ideas: Donate proceeds from a:

  • Multi-family garage sale
  • Tennis tournament
  • Wine-tasting event
  • Bowling tournament
  • Theater event
  • Raffle
  • Bike ride or a 3k/5k run/walk

MRF will be highlighting efforts of fund-raising volunteers on its website, so please let us know about your events!
Contact MRF at [email protected] or call 212-249-5402.

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