Project Status Migrainosus

Our first MRF Impact Award!

We’re thrilled to announce our first MRF Impact Award: a cutting-edge study on status migrainosus, a severe form of migraine that lasts longer than 3 days.

This critical project could have an enormous impact: faster, personalized treatment for all status migrainosus patients. So we stepped up to fund this $250,000, 3-year study!

Status migrainosus sufferers need fast, aggressive treatment, because the longer the migraine lasts, the harder it is to stop. Usual rescue medications don’t work. In a time-consuming process of trial and error, doctors try various drugs hoping to stop the pain.

Until now, researchers haven’t studied individual characteristics of sufferers to predict who will benefit from which drugs.


Dr. Rami Burstein (Harvard) and Dr. Brian Grosberg (Hartford Healthcare), two internationally renowned headache specialists, will investigate which particular status migrainosus treatment works for which sufferers. This would finally allow doctors to tailor treatments to individual patients to prevent pain and save time and money.

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Join us in celebrating our 10th anniversary and the launch of Project Status Migrainosus!