Relaxation techniques to help with migraine

Many sufferers find that stress management–relaxation techniques, breathing, meditation, and more–helps treat and prevent their migraines.

We’ve put together a collection of resources to help you get started.

Relaxation audio

Dawn C. Buse provides free relaxation audio files on her website for you to download. Dr. Buse is a licensed clinical psychologist at the Montefiore Headache Center who teaches patients biobehavioral techniques including relaxation training, guided visual imagery, and self-hypnosis.

Online help and learning programs for anxiety and depression

This Way Up features online courses to help lessen anxiety and depression. They provide Cognitive Behavioral Therapy programs focusing on conditions including panic disorder, OCD, generalized anxiety, and depression.

Smartphone apps

Many of these apps are free, and there are options for both Andoid and iPhone.

2016 Winners of Healthline’s Best Anxiety Apps include acupressure instruction, guided self-hypnosis, relaxation sounds, mood and sleep tracking, games, and more.

Winners of Healthline’s Best Insomnia Apps include dream awareness, mind clearing techniques, white noise, gentle alarms, heart rate monitors, hypnosis audios, and more.

Healthline’s Best Meditation Apps include beginner programs, meditation buddy systems, FitBit tracking, and meditation challenges and rewards.

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